Industry Services

Spine industry representatives today have many pressures.  Physicians are being penalized. Overall industry profitability is down.  Most spine surgeons and hospitals are not getting paid for approximately 30% of the work they are performing. Physicians are working harder, using your products, and making less money every year. The dreaded confrontation with the practice and hospital administration is forever looming, and the need to review pricing is ever present.

At The Business of Spine, we focus on the issues that you face daily when dealing with your relationships with your hospital and your surgeon. Our goal is to put you “on track” with the reimbursement issues that affect every sale, every day.  We understand the challenges you face with pricing, negotiations and competition. Our expertise regarding how the reimbursement cycle works, allows you to communicate and respond to the pressures presented by hospital administration, physician practices and facilities. Your corporate responsibilities will give you the edge to stay above the competition.

The Business of Spine utilizes many resources to secure and maintain a mutually rewarding relationship with the surgeon. By partnering with The Business of Spine, you have access to knowledge and expertise that optimizes your customer relations efforts. Our services enable you to maximize income potential of the surgeon by granting assistance, with minimal disruptions to the physician’s reimbursement process.

Building a relationship with The Business of Spine can create a synergistic approach, by providing high level added value services, which are AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) approved, solidifying relationships.

Industry representatives have the opportunity to make a real difference! Throw your physician a life-line… with The Business of Spine services!


"As a medical industry sales representative, I feel that attending these sessions is one of the very few things I can do to better understand my surgeon client's business. I am definitely a better, more knowledgeable sales rep because of it. I think that even being willing to take the time and spend the money to attend a session like the ones offered by Business Dynamics demonstrates a level of commitment to my surgeons that other sales reps just aren't even considering. My industry is more competitive every day. These seminars are making me a better teammate for the surgeons I service."

"If I were a surgeon I would be INSISTING that my staff attend every educational course offered by Business Dynamics. There is just too much missed revenue!  Doctor- you have an entire INDUSTRY trying to NOT pay you. You need all the help you can get!  And Barbara Cataletto and Business Dynamics are a powerful weapon to keep in your revenue arsenal."

"Keep fighting the good fight!"

Liz Peters Young, Stryker Spine

"Some of my customers thought it was great learning more about different coding options to maximize their billings. I think they were able to change some of their coding to get better reimbursements. I thought it was a great lecture and very informative."

Mike Crowley, Osteologic