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Revenue Cycle Dynamics for the Spine Reimbursement Specialist Education Series

The Exclusive Training Program of Business Dynamics RCM: The Leaders in Spine Revenue Cycle Management

Earn up to 27.5 CEUs from AAPC!

The Business of Spine's series, Revenue Cycle Dynamics for The Spine Reimbursement Specialist and staff was developed with Spine in mind and includes our "Steps for Success":The Foundation, The Framework, and The Fusion.

This three part series provides the spine professionals with the resources and tools needed to expand their knowledge of spine coding, collection, and appeals issues; our hands-on sessions are dedicated to applying what you have learned in our courses, including coding, auditing and appealing case examples.  Our topics include Spinal Anatomy, Mastering Modifiers, The Importance of Auditing, The Appeals Process, and many more, allowing career advancements and providing stronger support to the spine business.

The Foundation

Earn up to 7 CEUs From AAPC

The Foundation provides your "foundation" for the spine coding and reimbursement process with topics covered including spinal anatomy and diseases, as well as spine procedures as they pertain to your reimbursement. Other topics include The Four Elements of Spine Coding, Spine Coding for the Reimbursement Specialist, Mastering Modifiers and Coding Applications.

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The Framework

Earn up to 7 CEUs from AAPC

The Framework includes a hands-on coding session and auditing session to help build the "framework" needed to maximize reimbursements through correct coding for claims and payment auditing. Topics covered include Coding Scenarios, The Anatomy of An Operative Report, Advanced Modifier Calculations, Mind your "P"s and "E"s (Primary and Exempt Codes), Developing an Auditing Process, Medical Policy Guidelines and your Reimbursement.

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The Fusion: Combining Theory with Real-Life Case Studies

Earn up to 6 CEUs from AAPC

The Fusion includes topics such as The Appeals Process and Current Industry Controversies, while also incorporating work sessions that  "fuse" the previous lessons and apply them to real-life spine cases. Students have the opportunity to audit payments and build appeal claims.  All attendees are invited to bring examples of their toughest cases to work through.  Our experts will be on-site and available to provide immediate feedback to questions and concerns.

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SRS Boot Camp 

Earn up to 7.5 CEUs from AAPC

Advanced training for those who have successfully completed the SRS Series in the past OR who will be attending the 2016 series.  It will allow attendees to use what they have learned and ask any questions they may have, while covering more advanced cases and working through the entire revenue cycle in workshop groups.

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Advanced Appeals Workshop

The SRS Advanced Appeals Course will focus on bringing the reimbursement and appeals specialist to the next level.  This course will feature a full day of in-depth, high level appeals work.  Spine appeals will be worked through each level in order to understand the steps to take to receive maximum reimbursement for your spine cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SRS?

A spine reimbursement specialist is a medical coder who has distinguished themselves with proficiency in coding spinal procedures.  Spine reimbursement specialists understand the entire spine revenue cycle and are able to execute each step in the billing process as necessary to maximize reimbursement, while remaining compliant with all national and regional coding and reimbursement guidelines.

What do I have to do to become an SRS?

Attend our Revenue Cycle Dynamics Workshop Series or complete the sessions online.* You must then complete the final test with a score of 70% or higher.

Are there any specific requirements?

Must meet one or more of the following requirements at time of enrollment

  1. be a graduate of a recognized medical coding school
  2. be working for a spine surgeon/practice
  3. be working as a coder for more than 1 to 2 years
  4. possess CPC Certifications

How long will it take me to earn my Certificate?

Three days at a live event either through one program or through different program sessions.

Will I have to take CEUs to maintain my Certificate?

No, CEUs are not required to maintain your certificate.  It is suggested that the certificate holder remain actively involved in keeping themselves updated in the area of spine coding and reimbursement.

What kind of support will be provided to me as an SRS?

As a member of an elite group of professional spine coders, you will be connected to each other and have an opportunity to communicate, share issues, concerns and challenges and be invited to exclusive events held only for the SRS certificate holder.  You will receive our quarterly newsletter, The Spinal Column, with industry insider information and coding alerts and updates as they occur in the spine industry.  You will also have an opportunity to join our TBOS Network, the fastest growing network exclusively serving the spine community.  It will allow you access to industry leading advice, network with other industry professionals, receive exclusive offers and promotions, communications and so much more.

Will I earn more money as an SRS?

While TBOS makes no official statement to that fact, statistics provided indicate that coders holding a certificate in a specialty field are paid at a higher rate.

*Some sessions are required to be completed on-site.


“It worked for everyone. I am an experienced coder and there were new coders at my table and we all got something out of it” 

Ursline Sookhoo, Valdosta Orthopaedics

“best course I’ve been to in terms of getting nitty gritty and I’ve been to several, very informative’

Barbara Crimminger, Pinnacle Orthopaedics

“The best workshop I have EVER attended and I have been coding since 1980.  I learned so so much.  My Dr. will be so proud”

Spine Reimbursement Specialist Attendee

"I am so impressed with the education I received.  Not only have I learned but you have confirmed that I am coding correctly."

Spine Reimbursement Specialist Attendee

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