Reimbursement Strategies for Spine Surgeons

The Education Series Exclusively for Spine Surgeons

Presented by Barbara Cataletto, MBA, CPC

"She is a voice of sanity in the otherwise frankly silly system of US healthcare"---Jonny Dover, Managing Editor, International Journal of Spine Surgery, International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery

Spine surgeons today face many challenges with regards to their reimbursement. Reimbursement for surgeries and procedures is decreasing rapidly and overall industry profitability is down. Most spine surgeons and hospitals are not getting paid for approximately 30% of the work they are performing.

The bottom line: Spine Surgeons are working harder, making less money every year.

At The Business of Spine, we focus on the issues that you face daily when working through your spine revenue cycle. We understand the challenges you face dealing with insurance carriers with regard to pricing, contract negotiations, patient volume, and insurance payment and payment issues. Our goal is to provide a foundation that will enable you to develop strategies that will increase revenues throughout your practice, remaining ahead of the insurance game.

  • Is Concierge Medicine RIght for You? Making the Move to Concierge Medicine.
  • Presentation, Location and Service
  • Developing Fee Structure and Reimbursement Expectations
  • Transform the Architectural Design of your Revenue Cycle

Topic Descriptions

  • Is Concierge Medicine Right for You? Making the Move to Concierge Medicine.

As practices decide to depart from contracting with insurance carriers, they must decide whether the concierge model is the right fit for them. Instead of taking on additional patients to offset increased costs, physicians are turning to the concierge medicine business model where fewer patients are seen, but the fee is greater. The patient is paying a higher fee to visit your practice and therefore will expect an increased level of service. This section will help you decide whether the Concierge business model is the right fit for your practice.

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  • Presentation, Location and Service

With the concierge business model comes changes to the appearance of your practice and staff, and the level of service you offer. The office must be clean and well maintained, and the staff should appear professional both in appearance and demeanor. In addition, it will be expected that the physician will be more available to the patient. This section will discuss the certain “look” and level of service that is associated with concierge medicine.

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  • Developing Fee Structures and Reimbursement Expectations

Concierge medicine allows the physician to charge a fee where the greater financial responsibility falls on the patient. It is up to the practice to determine the fee structures and reasonable expectations in order to become a successful practice. This webinar will go in depth about how to develop fee structures and what you should expect for your reimbursement as a concierge practice.

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  • Transform the Architectural Design of Your Revenue Cycle

The concierge medicine model calls for an entire transformation of your revenue cycle management protocols in order to adapt to the new needs of the practice. This session will discuss what challenges will be faced with regard to your revenue cycle and how to make changes in your protocols in order to work through your new business model while remaining efficient and profitable. Discussion points include staff roles and responsibilities, the importance of continued education, your current reimbursement protocols versus your new concierge protocols, the transition and much more.

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