On-Demand Webinars


ICD-10 Webinar

This presentation was designed to help navigate you through the basics of ICD-10. We will go in-depth with the ICD-10-CM book and familiarize ourselves with its contents in order to give you a better understanding of diagnosis codes and how to utilize them. We will also review ICD-10 applications and cite example to further improve upon your knowledge base.

A short list of the most utilized ICD-10-CM codes in spine will be available for users to download as a reference tool.

Run Time: 45 minutes

Price $60.00 Purchase


The lasting effect of the 22851 Coding Change

Due to the increase in the usage of CPT code 22851 over the past 10+ years, there have been several changes to this code that include certain procedure types, removed other procedure types and this code now demands our attention.

In this presentation we will discuss what the key is to manage these changes. There is going to be a certain amount of grumbling amongst surgeons for the drastic drop in reimbursement in the new code sets.

Implant Companies will be challenged to meet the price points to ensure that their product will be the product of choice based on superiority and cost. Utilization of these products will ultimately be driven by the surgeon’s choice of new technology vs. standard technique and finally, by reimbursement.

Run Time: 30 minutes

Price $49.00 Purchase


Spinal Anatomy

This course reviews the complex array of muscles, tissues, nerves, bones and all of the other intricate elements of the spine. This basic understanding of spinal anatomy that can help your spine business improve their coding, promote clear operative report dictations and enhance the reimbursement process.

Run Time: 58 minutes

Price $149.00 Purchase


Spinal Diseases & Surgical Procedures

This course provides an understanding of how the spinal diseases and surgical components are intertwined. We will explain the difference between disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, spine fractures, types of scoliosis, spondylosis kyphosis and tumors that can occur in any age group and the various procedure options for the best result based on the individual case.

More importantly, we will provide you with a knowledgebase of the procedures performed, enabling maximum reimbursement.

Run Time: 1 hour 14 minutes

Price $149.00 Purchase


Anatomy of an Operative Report

In this course a spine surgeon will take you through several Operative Report examples while emphasizing the necessary documentation that is needed. This will allow the spine reimbursement specialist to be able to read the report and apply the appropriate CPT codes. The coders responsibility will be carefully outlined, and the proper protocols will be reviewed.

Run Time: 20 minutes

Price $59.00 Purchase



Coffee Breaks


Preparing for Spine Surgery Claims Submission

In many offices, patients will submit forms and questionnaires that are incomplete. Accurately submitting medical claims is a very basic, but important issue that is critical to your bottom line.

In this presentation we will discuss what your front office staff can do to protect your practice by examining the process of submitting a claim and discussing how it works.

Run Time: 5 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Developing CPT Category Codes

This coffee break will discuss the history of CPT category codes, the maintenance of CPT and the process that occurs in order for category codes to be added to the CPT book.

This presentation will give you a better understanding of category codes and how they are important to the coding cycle in order to permit proper coding and a smoother reimbursement process.

Run Time: 8 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Mind Your P's & E's

Each CPT code is designated as a Primary or Exempt code for every surgical procedure performed. In this presentation we will discuss Primary and Exempt codes and the effect that they have on reimbursement for your spine cases.

Run Time: 5 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Introduction and Basics of CPT

In this presentation we will guide you through the history of the American Medical Association (AMA) and how a consistent organized method with developing computer technology for describing medical procedures was implemented. We will discuss the Maintenance of CPT, the execution of the Relative Value System, Opportunities to Evaluate and Comment on the Fee Schedule and much more.

Run Time: 14 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Modifier 59

Understanding the application of the 59 Modifier is critical to coding and surgical claims submission. This coffee break will discuss and clarify the proper use of the 59 modifier as it applies to spine in order to give you a better understanding and enhance your use of the modifier when coding out your spine cases. Diligence in code set reviews, documentations and proper application will improve code submissions and reduce errors.

Run Time: 11 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Understanding the 62 Modifier

In this presentation we will discuss how the decision for co-surgery involves a great deal of coordination amongst the surgeons as well as coordination of efforts involving patients, staff and the reimbursement specialist. We will review key components of co-surgery submission and how some carriers do not permit same specialty co-surgeons to participate in the same procedure.

Run Time: 8 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim

In this presentation we will demonstrate the detailed steps that are needed in the life cycle of an insurance claim. By following these steps correctly, you will be able to process an insurance claim and maximize reimbursement.

Run Time: 7 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Claim Submission Guidelines

When preparing a surgery claim for submission it is important to know the various factors required by each insurance carrier. In this presentation we will discuss the guidelines to follow in order to expedite payment and avoid delays or denials. By incorporating these guidelines in the claim submission process, your practice should see an improvement in the timeliness and amount of reimbursement for your surgery claims.

Run Time: 5 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase



How do you handle overpayments? In this coffee break presentation, we will discuss the steps that your practice will need to take including what to research before responding to and appealing refund requests. Knowing the proper protocol for overpayments will allow your practice to become more confident when proving that the retraction, refund or overpayment is incorrect.

Run Time: 5 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Global Surgery Facts

In this presentation you will learn about the coding opportunities that are available for the pre-op, post-op and intra-op services that are outside the Global Period as well as gain an understanding of the Global timeframes for the procedure performed as they will vary based on the category it may fall into; Zero Day, 10-day, 90 day, etc

Run Time: 10 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Medical Policy Guidelines

In this presentation you will gain a better understanding of medical policy guidelines and how they are a crucial factor in maximizing reimbursement. We will review national and carrier specific guidelines and discuss how they affect your bottom line for Medicare/Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation and HMO/PPO carriers.

Run Time: 16 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Restructuring Your Office for Success

Restructuring your office for success can be challenging. This presentation will ensure that all departments know their role in the reimbursement process and are able to successfully manage these tasks, allowing for an effective work flow that will ultimately lead to an increase in practice revenue.

Run Time: 6 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


Practice Reporting for Increased Productivity and Revenue

Is your office generating excessive reports? Do the reports lack the appropriate information, or are the reports ignored altogether? How does your practice employ a more productive reporting program?

In this coffee break presentation, we will identify the various reporting formats and learn how to employ a more productive reporting program in order to increase productivity and boost your revenue.

Run Time: 7 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase


MI Spine Reimbursement Challenges

Obtaining authorization and reimbursement for minimally invasive spine procedures can be challenging. In this presentation we will go in-depth on minimally invasive spine procedures, discuss reimbursement challenges that you will face and learn how to develop strategies to complete these processes and secure the necessary information for the procedures, putting your spine practice on the right track for maximized reimbursement.

Run Time: 22 minutes

Price $39.00 Purchase